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Your cells could be the key to your future health. Stem cells in our body are responsible for repairing and replenishing our other cells. Today, with advancements in medicine, patient cells are being used in breakthrough therapies to fight cancers and repair tissues and organs. Preserving your stem cells today allows you to use your younger stem cells in the future, when you’ll need them the most.

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Age matters

As we age, our existing stem cells develop mutations and damage in their DNA, which is caused by our environment, stress, and daily life. Since our bodies replenish themselves using stem cells, when stem cells are damaged, our bodies begin to lose the ability to sufficiently repair itself due to aging or disease. Even though breakthrough technologies using patient cells are in development, as we age, our cells could be incompatible or unsuitable to be used for therapy due to age.


We provide stem cell collection through a simple 90 second blood draw that can be done conveniently at a partner physician’s office or donor center.


We process and freeze your stem cells in our FDA-registered and compliant lab. All processes and protocols we use meet the FDA standards for developing future therapies.


Our approach eliminates the need for invasive, costly and painful outpatient procedures, such as tapping into your bone marrow. Our mission is to save you time, money - and your stem cells

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Maggie // Daughter // Age 30

"I never thought I'd be able to so easily back up my stem cells and store them forever! It gives me such peace to know that I will have a way to heal myself as I age. The process was easy, the staff was kind, and I am looking forward to sharing it with any friends or family members that'll listen. In my mind, there is no reason not to do it!"

Brad // Husband / Age 52

"I love the idea of backing up my stem cells. The  older we are, the older all of our stem cells become, and as a result, our bodies' natural repair mechanisms deteriorate or stop. Given these factors, I  was excited about Alex's notion that "backing up" our stem cells be a valuable tool for improving and extending our health in the near future."

Wendy // Mother of 2 // Age 57

"There are several types of cancer in my family, diabetes 2, macular degeneration, retinopathy, neuropathy, decreased renal function, rheumatoid arthritis, pulmonary fibrosis (cause unknown). Heaven forbid, I should need a kidney in my golden years and that is the only thing in my way of reaching 107, I can have my own instead realizing the gig is up. I am a big believer in pushing medical research (stem cell research) forward and that personalized medicine should be accessible to all."


FDA-approved therapies to fight leukemia and lymphoma. 


Repairing the retina and heart using stem cells.


Slowing and reversing  the symptom's of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

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